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Biofuel from waste handling

Renewable Energy Waste Solutions UK

REWS UK's offer is a green bond with a direct environmental impact.

REWS UK, Renewable Energy Waste Solutions, produce bio-char, synthetic gas and a bio variant of wood pellets which are sold to heavier industries such as the concrete industry and to power production. The fuels are highly sought after as there aren’t enough renewable alternatives in the industries. The company has an entirely self-sufficient plant, meaning that they themselves produce all the energy required for the recycling process, which is essentially less than what is common in the business. The technique applied is most likely world leading. Patents have been given. No environmentally harmful gases or byproducts are created in the process which is highly unusual in the sector. The company’s plant can generate income from three different sources:

  1. Other companies pay for the company’s waste handling
  2. Fuel sales
  3. The company qualifies for subisidies from the Brittish government.

The company is issuing bonds for the completion of the plant and potential acquisitions of further plants. The bonds pay 8% per annum for amounts between £10,000 and £100,000, with interest payments semi-annually and a 2 year term. 9% per annum is paid for amounts between £10,000 and £100,000, when interest payment is done in conjunction with repayment, when the term is 2 years. 10% per annum is paid for amounts above £100,000, with interest payments semi-annually and a term of 2 years. 10% per annum is paid also when the amount is £10,,000 – £100.000, interest is paid semi-annually and the term is 4 years. 11% per annum is paid when the amount is £10.000 - £100.000 and payment of interest is done in conjunction with repayment at the end of the term when the term is 4 years. 12% per annum is paid when the amount is larger than £100.000, with interest payments semi-annually and the term is 4 years.

An independent trustee is in place to oversee investors' interests. The trustee has a floating charge over the assets of the company, on investors' behalf.

CEO bammer Sverige, Magnus Wikström, in Tipton facility, Birmingham

The machine in the company's primary plant has been completed and is going through a 3-month commissioning period. The founders of the company have previously built a machine which achieved ”End-to-Waste-certification”. The certification is granted when waste have low enough values of hazardous substances and high enough calorific value that it no longer classifies as waste. It classifies as fuel. As a matter of fact, their previous machine showed low enough hazardous values in the treatment process, that the Brittish Environment Agency found the values hard to believe, when sent to them. When they themselves came out to measure the values and the values proved to be a tithe of the permitted emission levels for End-to-Waste-certification, what they previously had been presuming was confirmed. Their former machine is since the only machine in the UK that has passed for End-to-Waste-certification. This machine is non-operational since the only ones who knew how to operate the machine were the founders of REWS UK. They left when a mega contract with Power China entered the picture and greed reminded the board room. That is how REWS UK was born.

- This machine is far superior (to the last one), says one of the founders. As an example, they are able to make use of essentially all energy in the material through a drying process for the bio-pellets, which makes the material 30% more effective when extracting energy as no ash is produced when incinerating. The material also has the advantage of being able to store outside which is not possible with bio-pellets from other producers. This, while making use of ALL by-products in the production process by effectively turning the gas that is produced when producing bio-pellets into bio-gas, and turning the firm material produced when producing gas into bio-mass. This process, no other company has accomplished.

Today, the company partners with one of the Midlands' biggest privately owned waste handlers, which guarantees the company an inflow of waste of at least 153 116 tonnes in the 12-month period following the machine being 100% operational (January 2019). This gives REWS UK £4.3m in guaranteed income. Furthermore, the company projects being able to sell fuels for around £5m per annum, per machine. Another plant has been acquired, in proximity to the primary plant. This plant already has a permit for a machine and comes with the advantage of the company being able to put energy straight onto the nationwide powerline. The business model of the company includes purchasing recycling plants and bio-fuel plants which have failed as they can be purchased for a low cost. However, the company's main focus at present is on the primary machine to start with, as it reasonably will generate strong revenues. The owners own stakes account for about £2.3m. Recently (Aug 2018) a first bond issuance of £10m was filled. The company plans to raise £20m in total.

- We hope that more will want to join us in our quest to change the world, says the owner and founder of REWS UK, Matt Donegan.