About us

Bammer is a place for investors to access secured assets and debt securities that are provided internationally off regular exchange markets.

We created Bammer in December 2017 to simplify the access to international offers with fixed coupon returns and certain security. In this case, certain security means the asset is either a property or has underlying assets in its offer to investors. These offerings are normally distributed via wealth managers and sold to family offices, companies and High Net Worth Individuals.

By using Bammer's web based platform, an offer is easier overviewed and hence can be evaluated more effectively.

Bammer has no interest in the big mass of offerings in the market, but the ones offering strongest terms and conditions for investors. They are often found within property and green energy.

During several periods we've experienced longer phases of technical development which has led us to an easily manuevered platform updated continuously.

Property - Student accommodation

Purpose built student accommodation in the U.K. has over the past 15 years become a recurring asset in institutional and individual portfolios globally. A student apartment has lower price than residential property and is normally exempt from stamp duty. About £4 bn has on average been annually invested in recent years, with buyers consisting of approximately 70% international investors.

Bonds and Loan Notes - Direct Lending

After 2007, an asset class born out of banks' increased liquidity coverage ratio emerged, with institutions instead financing private companies' projects Directly. The financing form is mainly spread throughout North America, with the main part of international funding streaming to the U.K, encompassing approximately $812 as an asset class globally. Today, the asset class also involves companies and individual investors.

Bammer does not constitute a party when an agreement entered and the existence of Bammer hence does not affect the risk profile of an asset. Bammer is neither a link nor a part in financial transactions. Bammer is remunarated when an agreement is entered via the service of the company. Bammer Sverige AB is since 2018 registered as a financial institute at Swedish Finansinspektionen (FSA).



Magnus Wikström, VD

Magnus Wikström, VD

Magnus's background is from finance in Stockholm, mainly involving sales work of structured financial products. His background also includes international sales work of non-listed issuance offerings and assets. Magnus is an economist from Lund University, specialized in property market analysis.

Terry Hobbs, Produktansvarig

Terry Hobbs, Produktansvarig

Terry has a 20 year history of sales and distribution of investment offerings in property and issuances related to property finance. Terry has a large distribution network with global reach, being one of the more sizeable in the industry. He is regularly involved in structuring issuance offerings.

Fredrik Ramén, Rådgivare

Fredrik Ramén, Rådgivare

Fredrik is, via his investment company Frame Invest AB, active in a handful of Nordic SME's. His background include leading roles in MoDo, Stora and Swedish Match, but foremost Electrolux AB where he for 15 years served in several managerial roles, including President Electrolux East Asia. Fredrik is as well co-founder of the fund AGCM with 1.7bn SEK under management in listed Asian shares.

Bammer started developing in the 2017/2018 shift. As no financial means are sent via bammer Sverige AB, and we never constitute a party in an agreement between an issuing company and an investor, there is no investor risk in bammer Sverige AB. Bammer Sverige AB get revenue from companies with offers disposable at bammer.se.