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Real assets and secured debt securities off listed markets

Offerings from private markets with international investor participation from individual investors (HNWI), companies and institutions

Bammer Fixed Income is since 2018 active within fixed income securities and real assets with international distribution outside listed markets. Primarily, we look for companies and assets with a predictable income stream and a provided tangible security, with an existent private as well as institutional investor base. Main areas include real estate development, green energy and litigation finance, with undertaking of other sectors - predominantly for direct distribution to institutional investors. Bammer Sverige AB is since 2018 registered as a financial institute with the Swedish FSA.

Market listed vs. illiquid holdings

Non-listed holdings have since banks' credit tightening 2008 successively increased, with SME lending largely overtaken by other institutions and the private market. The asset class principally offers less liquid holdings to the benefit of higher interest levels than in liquid markets which, combined with tangible securities, is a reason for Direct Lending being predicted a continuous growth of 11% per annum (S&P Global), from a global asset value of $850 bn in 2020 to $1.4 tn in 2025.

Real estate development

Mid-sized real estate developers with given senior charge or security in existing portfolio

Green energy

Financing of climate enhancing projects with security in land and facilities

Litigation finance

Financing of insured legal processes with ownership in legal case and corporate as well as personal guarantee

Sweden vs international perspective

+90% of a private portfolio in Sweden consists of market listed instruments, which is high in international terms and may be linked to a well performing stock market and regulations in the Swedish real estate market. Still, there is a noticeable difference in market supply in private markets in Sweden compared to Europe's more competitive capital markets. Through international capital linking to verified projects, competition further increases outside listed markets, which underpins investment terms and sees investors access an expanded choice of assets and issuances.

Current offerings

Former offerings

Insured Litigation Finance

  • 500+ global investors
  • Numerous institutional investors
  • 20.000+ processes financed

10% / 11% / 12% p/a
1 / 2 / 3 ys

Woodville Consultants Limited

Real estate developer, portfolio of £300m+

  • £240m+ repaid financing
  • Portfolio £22m NET security
  • Institutional partners refinancing completed projects

9% / 12% p/a + 6% year 5
1-5 ys, yearly redemption

Urban Village Capital Limited


  • Senior ledningsgrupp om 15 personer
  • £Xm återbetalt från emissioner
  • Senior fastighetspant

10% / 12% per år
2 år

Godwin Group Ltd


Solar energy plants, Poland

  • LOI part financing Sequoia
  • EU-subsidies granted
  • Highly experienced team

8% / 10% p/a
2 / 4 ys

Radiant Solar Ltd



Renewable Energy Waste Solutions UK


Student Housing, Plymouth

  • 2 universities within 6-8 min radius
  • 5 year contractual rental income
  • Sale option year 6 110% purchase price

8% p/a
- / 5 ys

North Hill Court


asset classes

Real estate

Pre-determined rental income
Passive owner in a property


Secured emissions up to 1 bn SEK
Private companies

Direct Lending

Direct loans, secured emissions up to 1 bn SEK
Private companies

Bammer Sverige AB under no circumstances forms a contracting party between investor and issuer which prevents direct influence on investor's capital risk. Bammer Sverige AB is equally excluded from payment flows. Bammer Sverige AB imposes issuer a fee at subscription and does not impose investor fees. Bammer Sverige AB is since 2018 registered as a financial institute with Finansinspektionen (Swedish FSA).